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Finally, Industrial Doe [Jul. 2nd, 2004|02:43 pm]
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24 June: "It's not lying, Nick, it never does."
First and foremost: there is one obvious benefit to having a 'real' job: cashmoneys. However, it sometimes interferes with the obviously MORE important things in life. Like the recording of Senda's song. Senda, a nice girl from Laramie, plays this thing called a freaking harp, and its freaking awesome. I hear it too one half-hour to tune the thing. Good Lord, that's crazy! I heard the song and damn near wet myself. It's a very simple and beautiful piece. Senda sings a bit, Senda plays her harp a lot, Matt does funkygorgeous stuff on bass, and wow. Chris had one hell of a good idea with this one, but really, Senda wrote the song. I think. Either way, awesome. If only I were there and/or heard the song more than once. I'm certainly not giving it any justice.
The recording day then began. Chris came up with the drum beat a little while back, and it sounds kind of like puppies getting beaten to near-death in hell. Perfect for an industrial song! The puppies, however, rendered finding a solid rhythm very very difficult. And by very difficult, I mean almost impossible. Unless you're a member of the John Doe Movement.
To prepare for the journey, the boys (Nick, Chris and Matt in this song) play an ancient Chinese song: Tu Ning. How exciting!
A wee bit of pre-game jam/practice went down. A wise decision, I say. It increases the smoothness in a recording day.
Ok, Nick is a little insane. He plays like a crazy man, AND makes his guitar his bitch.
Matt was rough on the bass today -- yes, he was bitchslapping it.
Here's a bit of an idea to help visualize the vibe that was going down: this song is dirty S and M. Matt on bass ties you up, Nick spanks you, and Chris' drum beat blindfolds you, leaving you in a hazy stupor as you wonder what's next.
Putting the song together consisted of arranging patterns of chords to try and find some sense. It worked, for the most part. Matt came up with a strong, driving bass line.
Chris was definietly the dominatrix of the day. He was leading the debauchery and counting the chords. He also asked for a screechy chord from Nick, and I think I saw him whip Matt a little. All Chris needed were some kinky stilettos.
This song is the high, crazy point on the album. It ought to be, what with all the hard work and insanity going into it.
Nick has been playing with a yellow pick. A cheerful, cute, brilliant yellow pick. That was too joyful for the song.
Matts hands became tired and sore, rightfully, as his bass bit is super fast. Which makes him a badass.
Between being serious and being serious, Nick played some 'guitar gateway' songs for us. He is filled with Classical Sauce! He played some Metallica, a bit of the Floyd, and then he just went all nuts and got into some Hendrix. Craaaaazy.
Matt decided that he must wear a wife-beater for this song. He also decided to try to play with a pick, perhaps to enhance his fastness. This song is hardcore, sportsfans. "Bitchfucker" just may end up as the title. But probably not. No one knows.
Matt then went up to record, saying this: "It's a whole lotta difficult."
Recording revolved around correct counting that day. It was very meticulous, but the song would have been random shittiness had the extra effort not beem thrown in.
After Matt was finished, talk of recording a country song ensued. No Toby Keith songs, alas.
Nick was up to record. For some reason, he was dancing. Dancing on the puppies' corpses! He tinkered with some effects and decided to use the harmonizing-3-guitar-sounding one. Trippy.
Nick rocked the shit out of the song, Primus style! While he was recording, I sat behind him, so I could only see his rocking-out induced writhings.
This song has been quite a bitch in the technical region for everyone - all the counting and searching for the perfect chord within the dissonance. It was really leet and amazing to see it come together. These JDM people are serious.
Right before I heard the finished song through the nice new headphones, I wrote this: "The proper words to convey this crazy-ass vibe escape me."

After I heard the song, my brain did indeed melt out of my ears.